Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Know Why Norton Slows Down A Computer

In the present world, computer security being paramount, the protection of personal information like passwords and credit card numbers is not taken lightly. Norton Security, which is a cluster of antivirus program, spyware remover, and Internet Firewall, can help accomplish this task easily.
This stance is aimed at limiting the number and severity of intrusions into the network and helps protect the system components from hackers and such. But one should know how to properly use the Norton antivirus support services. If used in the wrong places, they can sometimes even aggravate the problem. This might even cause the computer to crash and the data to be irrecoverably lost. There are some things to keep in mind while running Norton Security.

Conjunction with other antivirus programs

The running of the computer will slow down drastically when Norton as well as another antivirus program are installed and are running simultaneously on your system. Primarily, antivirus are set to start running right when the computer starts up, meaning that both Norton and the other antivirus will launch at startup. Once you have both of them running, conflicts will arise, related to communication and scanning. In such times, Norton uses up huge amounts of the system memory, consequently slowing down computer performance.

Compatibility problems

Norton comes essentially as a bundle of smaller software; none of the components can be installed separately. The whole bundle as such takes up a lot of RAM space and hence the computer needs adequate amount of memory left to keep it running smoothly.  If the RAM requirement is not met with enough of a margin to spare, it results in drastically slower performance, with Norton taking up most of the RAM. For instance, if the software in the Norton antivirus support Windows XP Service Pack 2, then installing it on Windows XP Service Pack 1 will create problems.

Scans and updates

When a scan is started and is in progress, the speed of the browser goes down, and the programs slow down noticeably, if not considerably. A scan checks each and every file, be it downloaded, from the registry, or system files. The huge amounts of data to be scanned take a toll on the speed of the CPU, causing it to slow down. However, you can schedule scans for times when you are not using the computer for other stuff.

These are the things to remember about running Norton antivirus on your computer. To get more information on using Norton antivirus, visit the Norton Support site online.


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