Monday, December 10, 2012

Keyword – Tips to disable the Unlock Computer Screen from Windows XP

In some computers, the system will ask the user to enter a username and password to login to the computer. These happen at startup or if the computer has been set at idle for a long time. This screen is known as the Unlock Computer Screen. Even though this element in Windows XP increases the security of your system, most users find it unnecessary as it will consume a lot of time. This screen can be avoided with ease by making few modifications to the Windows XP settings. If you are among the users that don’t prefer this unlock computer screen, then go through these instructions drawn out by Windows XP support team to get rid of the welcome screen when your computer boots up.
How to get rid of welcome screen?
Press the power up button which can be found on the front panel of your CPU and wait with patience the computer boots to show the Unlock Computer screen.
Enter the correct credentials to gain access to the Windows desktop interface with the authority of an administrator. In order to make modifications to the Windows XP settings, you will have log in to your computer as an administrator.
Now scroll down to the "Start" tab to shape up the start up menu above the task bar where the “Start” button and other vital application icons lie.
Among the other application tabs, there will a "Run" option, click on it to open up the command line in the Windows XP.
Enter the command "control userpasswords2" in to the "Run" box and follow it by hitting the "Enter" key on your keyboard to tile up for the user password settings menu.
Now go down to the tab with the description "Users must enter a user name and password to enter this computer" and uncheck the small box that lies right next to this tab.
When you are done, tag around the "OK" tab which normally lies down below the desktop to save and load up the new settings.
Everything is cool now, you won’t have to worry about the unlock computer screen any more as it has been deactivated successfully. Just call up the Windows XP support team for more back up.


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