Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fresh Hot Prints

The printer is an extremely useful tool to print documents, images and text files using. A printer allows you to choose which pages to print, how many copies to be made as well as choosing document type, scaling files to fit your page etc. Windows XP is an operating system that facilitates easy control over the printer.

Instructions to print
  • Select the file or document you wish to print.
  • Your system may or may not be connected to more than one printer. In either case, you must select the printer you want to use, by selecting it from the name drop-down list. This will show up a name for the Printer in your Printer area.
  • Select options in the Print range area, which include
o  Choose All- this option allows you to print the entire document that was selected.
o  Choose Current Page - this allows you to print just the currently opened page in the document, slide or spreadsheet.
o  Page area – this is a very useful feature as this allows you to chose from either a range of pages from the document or any number of non-consecutive sheets. Let us say you wish to print pages from 6 to 9 then the field should read 6-9. Use a hyphen to select a range of pages or use a comma to demarcate individual pages. For example typing 3, 7, 9 will print only these pages in the document.
  • Now you can choose the number of copies you wish to make. If you have selected specific pages in the page area, the second copy will be printed only after one set is finished, rather than copies of an individual page. Select the number of copies by either clicking the spinner arrow or typing the number in the field.
  • The printer also provides a variety of options to customize the print. Select the type of document you wish to print in the Print What list. You can also print in organized sets by checking on the Collate checkbox. This is particularly helpful if you are printing multiple copies.
  • The scaling option is application dependent but still helpful in scaling up or down files to fit the page on printing.
  • Select OK once you are done to initiate the printing process. The printer will soon print out pages from the document according to your customization.

If you are having trouble setting up the printer in your Windows XP contact Windows support to help you through the process. Windows support has excellent customer service and the experts are capable enough to successfully troubleshoot all your issues.


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