Wednesday, September 4, 2013

How To Backup And Restore Outlook 2007 Data

Outlook 2007 is a desktop email client that lets you access and send email messages without logging in to your email account online. If your system crashes for some reason, Outlook repair can be a headache, and so can the retrieval of the data contained in the program. 
It is always good to have a backup ready for such a possibility, so that you do not have to spend precious time sifting through your email data to find what is worth salvaging. Many different kinds of personal data can be stored in Outlook 2007, other than the email messages themselves. These data include contacts, notes, tasks, journal entries and appointments. Here is how you can create a backup for all this.
Backing up the data on Outlook 2007
  • Close the Outlook 2007 program if it is running. Go to the Control Panel from the Start menu in your desktop, and then select the Mail icon to launch the email setup in Outlook 2007.
  • In the Profiles area, find and select the Show Profiles button. Select the file that you wish to back up, and then select the Properties button.
  • Select the Data files option, and then choose a name for the account that you are trying to back up. Go to Settings and then paste the path you stored your PST file in. Close the setup and then close the control panel.
  • Open the Windows explorer and go to the location where the PST file is stored. Copy the file and paste it in another location on the PC. To do this, click on the file, then hit the Ctrl+C key combination, go to the intended destination and then hit the Ctrl+V key combination.
Restoring the information from the backup
  • If the version of the Outlook program you have gets damaged, you might need to carry out Outlook repair, and these are the guidelines to successfully restore the backups you previously made.
  • From the Control panel, select the Programs and features option, and find the entry for Outlook in the list of programs. Select the Change button next to it, and then follow the instructions given, to get a better installation of Outlook on your computer. 
  • Open the newly repaired program and then go to the File menu. From this, select the Import and Export option.
  • Select the Import From Another Program Or File option from the list of options displayed. Follow though and select the Personal Folder File (.pst) option. Find the location where you previously saved the data file on your system and select it for importing. This will bring in all the data that you had backed up. Once you are done, hit Finish.
This is the ideal way to back up and restore personal data on Outlook 2007. Use this information to successfully do the same.

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