Tuesday, July 16, 2013

How To Adjust Sleep Mode In Windows 7

If you leave your Widows 7 computer idle for a while, by default it will go into sleep mode. In this mode, the computer stops all processes until you tell it to wake up. When it does wake up, it starts up again quickly in the same place it left off. This process will save a lot of power. For example, in a laptop, sleep mode helps preserve battery power when you are not working. You can change the amount of idle time necessary before Windows 7 puts your computer to sleep.
Follow the set of guidelines given below, provided by the excellent Windows 7 support team in order to adjust the sleep mode in Windows 7 computer.


First of all, click on the Start button displayed on the lower left hand corner of your Windows desktop screen. Clicking on this button will open the Windows Start menu on the screen of your computer.
Click on the Control Panel button to open the Control Panel window on the screen of your computer. Now, click on the System and Security button and then on the Power Options button to configure the power options of your computer. You will see a list of different power plans on your computer. The number of power plans your computer have will depend on the make and model of your computer. The plan currently in use will have a blue dot in front of it.
Click on the Change Plan Settings button displayed next to the power plan that you are currently using.
Click on the drop-down menu located next to Put the Computer to sleep: button to set the amount of idle time before entering sleep mode. Laptop users will have two drop-down menus, one for when the computer is plugged in and the other for when it is running on battery power.
Click on the Save Changes option in order to save the change in settings that you have configured. If you want, modify the other power plans.
The instructions that have been given here have been provided by the excellent and ever reliable Windows 7 support and help team. These simple guidelines will help you in adjusting the sleep mode in your Windows 7 computer.

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