Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Steps To Remove The Nero Search Toolbar

The Nero Search Toolbar also known as the ask.com comes packed with the Nero products. The application allows the user to browse the internet with the Ask search engine. The toolbar, which directly gets installed in the system will conduct fast and easy web searches. But many users who prefer Google and other search engines will find it a bit difficult using the same and for this reason they will want this to be removed. Removing the toolbar from the computer system in turn will remove the toolbar from the browser. Follow the instructions briefed below to troubleshoot Ask toolbar.

Instructions to remove Ask toolbar

• Turn On the system and sign into your admin account.
• Click on eth Start orb placed on the bottom left corner of the home screen. Instead, you may use the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + ESC as well the shortcut key, the one imprinted with the Windows logo to launch the Start menu. From the Start menu pop up, select the label that reads Control Panel.
• Alternatively, you can launch the Control Panel window from the Run command window. Press the Windows + R key to launch the Run command window.
• Place the cursor in the text space and type Control Panel. Hit the Enter key to make Windows launch the Control Panel window.
• The Control Panel window allows the user to manipulate and change the default computer settings.
• From the Control Panel appellate window, select the label that reads Programs. From the Programs window, select the label that reads Programs and Features. If you are unable to find the Program label in the category window view, hit the link that reads ‘switch to classic view’. This will change the Control Panel window view from category to classic, listing down all the default program settings folders.
• Scroll down the program list until you find the label that reads Ask.com Bar.
• Click on the Ask.com Bar from the list.
• From the dropdown, select the label that reads Uninstall.
• If you have not signed into your admin account, you will be prompted to enter your admin account to proceed with the removal process.
• Enter you administrator password if prompted.
• Follow the onscreen instructions to remove the toolbar. A window stating that the program has been successfully removed will appear after the program is uninstalled from the system.

Following the instructions above will help you fix the issues with Ask toolbar. For any further clarification with how to remove Ask toolbar, call us on our toll free 24/7 helpline number.

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