Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Repairing the Windows XP Power Options Error

The computer consumes energy just like any other electrical device. Even though it consumes considerably less power than other devices, its use over time can result in adding significantly to your power bill. However, you can adjust your computer’s power settings too.
The Windows XP operating system allows a user to modify the power settings as per their requirement and need. This feature will benefit the battery life of a laptop and will bring down the unit of power consumed dramatically on a desktop. This is done through configuring the versatile Windows operating system as per requirements. A windows XP user will be able to set up a particular type of power setting as they require, they can either go for a power saving mode or a high performance mode. Another impact that this feature makes on a Windows XP is that a user can set the power as per the need of certain hardware or software; so that your monitor and CPU can be safe guarded from shutdowns. Ready to patch up the power options errors? Let’s tweak the power options by following the below instructions fashioned out by the Microsoft tech support crew.

Pick out the "Start" tab to get to the "Control Panel" tab which holds the "Power Options". Power options hold the entire settings of the power supply within your computer.

Access the "Turn Off Monitor" and opt for a lower shutoff time in the case of laptop’s and the "Never" option for desktop’s.

Trigger the "System Standby" opt for a lower standby time in the case of laptops and a higher time for desktops.
Pick out the "Turn Off Hard Disk" in order to deactivate the standby feature.
Now tag along the "Hibernate" tab to hibernate your computer in certain occasions. This feature offers a lot to Windows users especially by saving down the windows that you were working on and will shut down your computer slowly. Paint out a tick mark next to the "Enable Hibernation" tab to activate this feature.
From the "Advanced" tab you should leave a tick mark on the box right next to "Prompt for Password When Computer Resumes from Standby" tab which will allow your system to resume the programs on which you were working on earlier
You can also facilitate the remote desktop assistance of Microsoft tech support team if you aren’t familiar with the technical terms integrated in to this article.

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