Thursday, May 2, 2013

Steps To Repair Corrupt Microsoft Word Files

A damaged or corrupted word file can exhibit odd behavior such as repagination, incorrect layout and formatting, unreadable characters, error messages, and even a display inability to load or view the file. Erroneous file codes, virus infections, etc often lead to such issues. However, the initial error message does not mean that a document cannot be opened ever. Follow the steps briefed above to troubleshoot the issues with corrupt Microsoft Word Files.
Microsoft chat instructions to repair corrupt Microsoft Word files
·         Turn ON your windows powered machine.
·         Open the Microsoft Word application. To launch the Word application, double click the desktop icon label, or the icon plugged onto to the taskbar (if any exists). Alternatively, you can launch Microsoft Word from the Start menu. Click on the Start orb placed at the bottom left end of the home screen of your windows machine. You may also launch the Start menu by clicking the Windows hotkey. From the Start menu pop up, click on the label that reads, All Programs. From the All Programs submenu, select the label that reads Microsoft Outlook.
·         Wait for the application to load. Click on the Office button placed in the top left corner of the application window. From the dropdown, select the label that reads Open. Load the file in the draft mode, and after it has loaded, click on the label that reads View. From the View option, select the label that reads Normal.
·         Select the label that reads Options. From the Options dropdown, select the label that reads Tools. This will launch a dialogue box, with a variety of tabs on it to choose from.
·         Click on the label that reads view. Place a tick mark in the boxes next to the labels that read picture placeholders and draft font.
·         Select the General tab. Make sure that the box, next to the label that reads update automatic links at open, is unchecked.
·         Hit the OK button, when you are done with repairing. This will save the changes made, and will let you exit the Options box. Open the document to see if this has repaired the damage.
Follow the Microsoft chat instructions briefed above to repair a corrupt Microsoft word file. For more support and assistance on the same, feel free to reach our online help centre, or our toll free 24/7 helpline number.

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