Monday, April 29, 2013

Fixing “EM Is Not A Function” Error In Firefox

Occasionally, while working on Mozilla Firefox, it may suddenly stop working with an error message saying, “EM is not a function” or something similar to it. This error occurs due to the presence of certain Mozilla Firefox add-ons or plug-ins, which are not compatible with the current version of Firefox that you are using. One method to get rid of this issue is to disable the troublesome add-on that is responsible for the message. Here are some helpful guidelines that will assist you to locate and disable add-ons or plug-ins causing errors in Firefox browser.


• First, you have to navigate to the Firefox Plug-in Check Web page and you need to wait for the browser to detect which plug-ins is outdated. Then you should click on the yellow or red Update button near to the plug-in that needs to be updated. Click on Download Now and then on Save File option.
• Now you have to move to the folder where the downloaded files are saved. Double click on the plug-in installation file that you have downloaded. Then click on the Next button at each prompt and select Finish to update the plug-in. You should repeat the same process with each outdated plug-in.
• Close and reopen Firefox and check whether the error message continues to occur. If the problem persists, click on the Tools menu and click Add-Ons option to open the Add-Ons Manager tab.
• You have to choose the black circle icon located at the upper right corner of the screen and click on Check For Updates. Select Next and click OK in order to install any updates found. If the error message still occurs, move to the next step.
• Then return to the Add-ons manager tab and select Extensions, which is on the left side of the screen. Look for the most recent add-ons that you have installed among the list of add-ons. Then choose Disable button to the left of the add-ons’ name, and then click on the Restart link.
• You need to repeat the process of disabling each add-on until the error message disappears. Again, return to the Add-Ons Manager tab and select the Enable option next to each of the add-ons that did not cause the error.
Mozilla Firefox add-ons are very helpful in enhancing the browsing capability and operational bandwidth. However, while adding such plug-ins you need to ensure that they are compatible with the version of Firebox browser that you are using, otherwise similar Firefox errors may arise.

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