Monday, May 6, 2013

Steps To Open Word Attachments In Firefox Email

Mozilla Firefox includes many security features that help the user to keep their systems off from viruses and malicious codes. However, these security features can often prevent the system from opening Microsoft Word files properly. This will make Firefox to open the document using Open Office programs or other similar applications. Follow the simple guidelines formulated by the Microsoft support team to open Word attachment files in the Mozilla Firefox application with ease.

Instructions to fix Mozilla Firefox problems
·       Switch on your Windows powered laptop or desktop. Log in to your admin account. Enter your password when prompted to log into your administrative account.
·       Open Mozilla Firefox browser on your device. You may either double click the Mozilla Firefox label on the desktop screen or the Mozilla Firefox plug in, plugged on to the taskbar on your Windows home screen. Instead, you can also launch the Mozilla Firefox browser application from the Windows Start menu. For this, launch the Start menu. To launch the Start menu, click on the Windows orb placed on the bottom left corner of the Start screen. From the Start pop up, select the label that reads All Programs. The All Programs submenu will list down all the programs installed on the system. From the All Programs submenu, select the label that reads Mozilla Firefox.
·       Wait for the application to load. Select the Firefox icon placed on the far left end of the application page.
·       From the Firefox dropdown, select the label that reads Preferences... Select the label that reads Applications, placed on top of the Preferences dialog box.
·       Scroll down and select the Microsoft Word Document option grouped under the Content Type heading.
·       From the drop down, select the option that reads Use Microsoft Word in Firefox. You will find the same under the Action heading.
·       Hit the OK button to save the changes made. From now on, Word document will open properly on your Firefox Web browser.

Follow the instructions briefed above to open Word attachments in Firefox Email. For more assistance on the same, feel free to reach our online help center or our Mozilla Firefox support center. You may send us your valuable feedbacks, suggestion and queries on the same either on our toll free 24/7 helpline number or on our email address. For more updates and information on Mozilla Firefox problems, drop into our tech support blogs and discussion forums.

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