Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tutorial To Setup Work Email In Outlook Express

In this busy world, almost all computer users hold an email account for sending and receiving email messages. As we all know, the Outlook Express is one of the email and news clients now used by millions of people across the globe. The application comes associated with several versions of Windows operating system, since it is a product from the very same Microsoft factory. Microsoft’s Outlook Express comes with an inbuilt backup tool, by using which you can backup your Outlook Express data and information. No doubt, this is a pretty awesome feature which will surely help you handle the situation, when something goes wrong.
Here in this article, I wish to provide the instructions for setting up a work email in Outlook Express. The procedure is quite simple and can be performed by making some changes in the Outlook Settings.
First of all, you need to contact the Internet service provider to know what type of email servers you are using. Following are the three common server types now used: POP3, IMAP or HTTP. For setting up a work email in Outlook express, you need to provide the information about your incoming and outgoing email server.
Once you got the above entities, launch the Outlook Express application on your system. Now click on the tools tab on the upper programming menu bar and choose the option labeled accounts. Then you need to trigger the Add option and then click on the mail tab.
Now you can view a configuration window. Now input your email account name in your name field followed by clicking the next button.
Now input the email address without any mistakes in the email address field. When done, click next.
Now provide the prompted information about the incoming and outgoing mail server. When done, pick out your mail server type from the available list. When done, trigger the next button.
Now input your Outlook Express account name and password in the appropriate fields. Now you can see a pop-up window asking your permission to save your login details including your account name and password. If you want this service, click the yes button next to Remember password option, otherwise you can skip this step.
Finally, click the next tab followed by pressing the finish button to close the window.
By making these changes in the Outlook Settings, you can easily configure an email account in Outlook Express. Thank you!

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