Thursday, February 28, 2013

Support To Avail Online Help With Windows Vista

Windows Vista, the latest Windows operating system, receives a lot of criticism from computer users around the globe, due to its bugs and errors. We all know that the operating systems are complex software programs, which can malfunction at any time because of virus action, imperfection in the configuration settings, etc. In Windows Vista, you can easily fix these problems yourself, or else by contacting the Microsoft Help team.
Microsoft provides personal technical support to Vista users through help and how-to website. The customer support is available for 24 hours, meaning that users can contact them at any time of the day. They will provide you the most reliable solutions to your Vista Problems.

How to avail Windows Vista Help?
Launch the Internet Explorer web browser and then go to Microsoft's Windows Vista Help & How-to webpage, to get the basic information regarding the Vista OS. From here, you will get the basic information such as setting up networks, handling the operating system etc.
The entire help topics are categorized into three subsections
o Top solutions
o Using Windows Vista
o Getting started
If you want to contact customer support, then select the Windows Vista Forums tab, under the Community and Forums option.
To request assistance from the Microsoft Help team, you need to select the Contact support option, followed by clicking the Windows Vista option, which is under the Microsoft Support section. When done, provide the prompted information, such as the operating system version, your issue, etc; after this, you have to choose the Email option, if you want Microsoft to contact you through email. You can also choose online chat, or the telephonic option, if you want telephone support.

How to get Microsoft Support?
Launch the Internet Web browser on your Vista machine.
Now visit the Microsoft Support website, and then go to the Help for Vista Technical issues and troubleshooting web page. From here, you can avail relevant solutions concerning Windows Vista problems.
In the Microsoft Support Web page, you can see the following options: Top Issues, Drivers, Networking, and Hardware. Choose the one pertaining to your issue. As soon as you click the option, you are redirected to the web page with the specific help topics for your selection.
After reading this article, you can easily troubleshoot the common issues that you may encounter while handling the Vista OS.

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