Wednesday, November 7, 2012

How to Optimize Windows Vista Platform for Better Performance?

Windows Vista, with good graphical UI, got a tainted name for its sluggish performance. Whatever reasons it maybe, there are a handful number of methods to speed up Windows vista and increase its total performance, and do not even think about hardware upgrade. Some tips for increasing Windows Vista performance, boot speed and efficiency are given below. Even Windows Vista Help Websites features many articles on Optimizing Windows Vista performance.

Remove Unwanted Programs
Many OEM’s pack their brand new computers with many programs that you have not ordered and are not necessary. Most of the programs they included are trial editions and limited edition versions of programs, which they add with the hope of you purchasing it after trial. If you are purchasing it, it’s fine. Else, these programs are big trouble. I called these limited or trial version programs trouble because they act like bottlenecks. These versions provide limited use of the program. However, they use the same amount of space in HDD and RAM.
What you can do is to remove these half-born programs for good. When you remove these programs you can see the difference in the performance of your PC.

Reduce the Start-up Programs
Many programs automatically assign themselves as start-up programs. Higher the number of the start-up programs, lower the performance. You can change the startup program list by accessing msconfig.exe utility. You can use it by typing the program name in the Run Window.

Fragmentation makes your hard disk very slow and so does your computer. Disk Defragmenter is a utility that defragments your hard disk to increase hard disk read and write speed.

Remove Unwanted Files from HDD
By reducing the number of unnecessary files on your hard disk, you can free up a lot of disk space and optimize your computer for better performance. When you free up hard disk space, your computer runs faster. You can use Disk Cleanup for removing the unwanted files. It’s a very good utility in freeing up hard disk space.

Reduce Number of Simultaneous Programs
Changing your computing behavior can have a big impact on your PC's efficiency and performance. If you are the kind of person who keeps many programs and browser windows simultaneously open at an instance, your system performance will surely go down.
You can open Windows Vista Help Websites and download many utilities like registry cleaner that will help increase your system performance.

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